Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rockstar Workshop: Day 2!

And the fun continues! While Nathan is at home taking stunning photographs of Emily and Bryan, I am having a blast here in Asheville hanging out with some super cool photographers at the Rockstar Wedding Workshop.

Tuesday, Corey spoke about Sales in the morning, and then my good buddy, Adam Linke shared with us a bit about Pictage. After the morning lessons, we headed out to the most delicious barbecue joint in town, 12 Bones, sponsored by the aforementioned Pictage. Thanks to Adam for making the trek up here and picking the dinner tab!

After lunch, we went back for a bit of Shooting discussion, and then we headed off to the beautiful Biltmore Estate to put what Corey had just talked about into practice.

How fun was it to get our passes, and they look like this?!

Tom and I were VERY excited about them!

Again, it was much fun to watch some of the other photographers at work. Check out this homemade contraption by John Sanderson. Fun stuff!

Jill was playing ninja, all laid out for a shot. I joined her down there, but I got kicked in the head, so I didn't really go ninja any more after that :) Thanks Zac.

Corey imparting brilliance upon my buddy Ty.

The infamous Adam, having loads of fun.

Me and Adam... Adam, this image is only barely blogsharp ;) But I'm usin' it anyway!

My one shot of our beautiful models, Hadley and Kevin.

Headed back to the car...

One last look.

After our shoot, we went out and grabbed some dinner, and then went to to see Corey's buddy Byron play. The band was absolutely brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed them! While waiting on Byron to come out from backstage, we took a few self portraits.

Thanks Ty for sending me these pictures!

This is Corey, Jeremy, Ty, Tom, and Sophia.

And then one last shot from dinner... Ty grabbed this image of me shooting Corey, self-portraiting himself and Byron. Perfect point and shoot capture! Love it!

Happy Halloween guys! I'll be back with today's update later!


kathy said...

wow the flowers at the Biltmore are soooo beautiful! take care!

Elizabeth said...

Hey Amber! I am hitting the road back to Raleigh this a.m. and hate to miss your Rockstar session, 'cause I'm sure it will be great. Thanks for all your help this week, especially the tips on shooting into the sun! Love the shot of Hadley and Kevin!!