Friday, December 29, 2006

A quick note for photographers...

Photographers... Wanted to let you know that we have shut down our .info blog. We have a lot to manage currently with the various portions of our business, so everything is going to move to the this blog and our Weekly Email for Photographers (you can sign up to the right).

Have an incredible day!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Baby jadyn... My neice!

Over our Christmas holiday, I took a moment out off from relaxing to spend some time photographing my niece Jaydn and her Mom, Laura!

When I arrived, Jadyn was napping... and when she woke up, she was the cutest thing I have ever seen! I just love sleepy babies! First thing we had to do was get her trademark pigtails up!

Baby Jadyn has such an incredible smile! She smiled at me all morning!

But she could be shy too...

I love the details that remind you of just how little they are...

I also love to catch the interaction between Moms and Babies... Jadyn wasn't really a snuggler... but she was definitely a giggler!

We finished the day off with a bath in the big bathtub! And of course, she was all smiles during that process too!

It was great hanging out with you guys! We love you very much! Merry Christmas!

Enjoy your slideshow!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Our Christmas Vacation

After the St. Louis trip, we headed straight to my parents home in Asheville, NC. We were excited about a bit of down time, and thankfully, downtime is exactly what we got!

First, let's backtrack to a few Chattanooga Christmas pictures!

Addison and Austen in full Christmas regalia...

The best ornament on our tree...

Addison and Austen with new Baby Adaley

Christmas with Jason and Theresa! We love you guys!

Now on to the Asheville trip!

We took a quick side trip to SC to see my Mom's family...


The cousins!

I'm so glad we had the time to make that trip! It was great to see everyone!

We went out for coffee with my cousin Greg and his wife Crystal at Malaprops in downtown Asheville. It was an awesome time!

A little bit of pre-Christmas prep... and just plain hanging out!

Check out the off-camera flash action :) (I am SO sad that I don't have a picture with my mom :( Next time, Mom!)

Christmas Eve... We had a wonderful church service, and then went to spend the day at my Nanny and Grandaddy's house.

On the way, we stopped by the church where we got married, to snap a quick shot for you guys :)

Nanny's house...

My Nanny and Grandaddy have been married for almost 60 years... and look how happy they are!!!! I love them very very much, and cannot thank them enough for making their home open to us every year at Christmas!

Grandaddy read the Christmas story...

We ate a bit... and fellowshipped a bit...

And then opened some presents!

The kids passed out in the car on the way home!

Christmas presents! Austen and Addison are SO cute in their pajamas... don't you think?

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas!

A Quick Trip to St. Louis....

December 20th, we took a quick trip to St. Louis to meet with the Pictage User Group up there. We had the priviledge of reuniting with some of our very dear friends... and also had the opportunity to make some new ones!

On the way up, we had to stop in Metropolis to see the birthplace of Superman!

Addison's opinion of the traveling...

After a quick chat about organization and a demo of the new and improved Photographer's Office, we went out to grab a bite of dinner... and of course, took the obligatory self-portrait!

Then we went back to our room, where we were met by the most amazing care package ever! Alisha is SO awesome!

Got up the next morning and met Alisha and Lily and Dan with his clan for breakfast. It was great fun!

Thanks so much St. Louis PUG for the hospitality! It was so awesome to meet you guys!