Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sweet Baby Charlotte...

While at Baby Reese's birthday party, I had the privilege of meeting Windie, Hastings, and their sweet Baby Charlotte. I was so excited when Windie got in touch with me to schedule a session at their house! This morning, I went over to their place on Lookout Mountain, and we hung out for awhile.Charlotte is an amazing two year old. I had a blast running around after her, and listening to her perfectly coherent chatter!

Who could resist this sweet face?

Charlotte's bedroom is beautiful. Windie has impressive taste! Windie and Hastings didn't find out whether Charlotte was going to be a girl or a boy before she was born, and although Windie was certain she was having a boy, Windie's mother was certain it was going to be a girl. When Windie bought Charlotte home from the hospital, this very girly rocking horse was in the nursery. It's one of Charlotte's favorite toys now!

Another one of Charlotte's favorite toys is Baby Cha-Cha. Charlotte wanted to tell me all about what her baby likes to do!

After a short break to read a book...

We headed outside to play! This is definitely an outdoor family. Charlotte is completely at home on her swingset! She definitely kept me on my toes.

Running away from her daddy...

A little bit of snuggling before Hastings went back to work.

Just before I left, we decided to grab a few more images of Charlotte in her room. I was just amazed by how beautiful this window is.

I love this image of Windie and Charlotte. You guys are awesome!

I had an amazing time hanging out with Charlotte and her family today! I hope you guys enjoy your slideshow!

Dining Out... Photographer Fun!

We have had the opportunity to spend an amazing amount of time "networking" with our local photographer friends lately! It has been wonderful. We love having the time to spend with people that we care about!

Tuesday night, we went out to dinner with our friends Garrett and Joy Nudd and their beautiful daughter Graycen! We went to our standard hangout, El Meson. The food was great, but the company was amazing!

Garrett and Joy (and Baby G, too!) thanks so much for hanging out, let's not wait 'til LA to see each other again :) It was a blast as always!

Three rockstar children!

Me and the Nudd gals...

The whole gang...

Then tonight, we spent the evening with Rich and Heather Smith. We had dinner at J. Alexanders (they have the best macaroni and cheese, by the way), and we followed that up with coffee at Starbucks. Rich is getting his photography business rolling, and it was fun to talk through some of the start up issues that surround this industry!

Thanks so much for hanging out! We love you guys! See you soon!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Baby Reese... A year's images...

I just finished designing an album from my this year's sessions with the beautiful Baby Reese. As I paged through the images from an entire year, I was amazed to see the changes in her! I have seen these types of changes in my own children, but it was very fun to see them in Reese!

We don't usually post albums on the blog, but I really wanted to share this one with you! Click here for the slideshow!

Here are a few spreads from the album as well.

I also wanted to give a little shout-out to Missy, one of the most amazing moms on the planet! I love hanging out with her, she's absolutely amazing! In addition to being just a wonderful mom, client, and friend... she has a perfect eye for images to print! I always love what she decides to have done as custom images. I was going to wait to show these until she had them in place, but I just couldn't wait any longer. I'll update you when she gets them framed and hung, but for now, don't you just love these prints??

Missy, Roger, and Reese are wonderful! I am so excited that we are doing a second year together!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wonderful Friends...

We have the most awesome friends.

This week we had the privilege of hanging out with Josh and Jenee for dinner on Thursday night! We photographed Josh and Jenee's wedding two years ago, and have been talking about getting togehter ever since! We keep running into them at our gym, and so we finally decided to make something happen! I am so glad we did. Josh and Jenee were a blast to hang out with!

They picked up a yummy dinner at Casa-Rolls. I am pretty excited about this place as an answer to my dinner difficulties!

Thanks so much Josh and Jenee for hanging out! We will be calling you the next time we do a Newlyweds round!

Then, on Friday, we had the opportunity to run down to the Noodle House (two minutes from our house, yay!) and grab lunch with the amazing Rich and Heather Smith and the fabulous Matt Dunmore! It was fun times. We didn't take our camera, but Matt did! So he sent me a few fun images from lunch!

Right after we arrived, I managed to shoot a giant stream of lemon juice directly into my eye. This of course, was frighteningly painful for me, and a great source of amusement for my friends. How does one accomplish something like this? Well, most people, I'm sure, would never be talented enough... but seeing as how I can smash my arm to smithereens by falling 24 inches, I guess I have been blessed with that talent!

Addison devouring some broccoli.

Heather's fortune.

The group!

You guys are awesome! Lets do this all the time!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stalagtites, Seafood, and Sunflare!

Fun Monday update!

This Monday we headed out to see one of Chattanooga's tourist traps! We are always finding these that we haven't seen before, and it is so fun to explore all of them. This week we hit up Raccoon Mountain, and explored the cavern! Austen says this is one of the most fun places he has ever been!

The car ride up the mountain...

Austen desperately needs a haircut.

The caverns...

After our cave exploring, we went out to eat at Easy Seafood with our wonderful friends Matt and Erin Dunmore. (Thank you, Amanda for the amazing treat!)

Erin's debut on our blog...

Then we took a little walk. The amazing Matt grabbed these great shots of my kids! (with a Nikon, nontheless!)

Then we headed to the playground. Of course, we had to take advantage of the absolutely amazing light that abounds in Chattanooga these days!

Nathan is the master of self portraits with flare! I love this shot!

More light...

Addison has overcome her fear of "Scary Matt."

Finally, a few images from the playground.

Austen and Matt took turns on the yellow spinny thing... I think Austen handled it a little better than Matt!

It was a wonderful day! Thanks so much to Matt and Erin for joining us.

and to my amazing family for being so wonderful to me. I love you very much.