Saturday, March 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby Reese!

This morning, I had the privilege of spending my morning with Baby Reese and all of her adorable friends! I must say that Missy went all out for this birthday. She has set a serious precedent for all future birthdays!

I love when I show up at someone's house, and they are this excited to see me! Reese is seriously my buddy.. I just love her!

The cake was magnificent.

The children were adorable.

And Reese was as amazing as always.

I loved seeing her with her cake... It's always such a fun time! She started off so tentative, but she certainly got excited about it!

Roger took her to get her cleaned up... and I caught them laughing at themselves in the mirror! Roger is amazing with her!

Missy and Roger, you two are so special to me! I love your baby girl, and I have had so much fun watching her grow up! I know next year is going to be amazing, and I can't wait to share it with you!

I will get a big slideshow up for you when I return from Vegas!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jaye & Emily

Wow! What a refreshing evening! It was so great to get out and relax with our clients at the downtown Rembrandt's coffee shop before a great engagement session around the Art District and River Walk!

Jaye and Emily were so great to hang out with and photograph! They're so great together, and we're going to have a blast at their wedding in May!

Congrats to you two on your engagement!

On the Horizon...

Have I mentioned recently how much I love the photography community? Because I really do. I have met the most amazing people through this business, this art, and my life feels incredibly rich because of it!

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about sharing my photography knowledge with non-photographers... moms in particular. This thinking comes from consistent contact with two amazing photographers from the West Coast... Carey and Me Ra. These are two wonderful women who are incredibly talented photographers, and perfect matches for me! The three of us together make a fun team! And that is exactly what we have become!

We have loads of craziness planned for this upcoming year. First on the list of many things will be photography workshops for moms. I believe the first one is planned for San Diego (Carey's home base), but don't worry southern gals, we'll be coming this way too! We meet up in Vegas this weekend and hope to flesh out some details for everyone! Stay tuned for more information and some crazy fun pictures from our get together!

As a side note, Me Ra has just released an amazing new DVD this morning! Run over to her blog, watch her trailer, and leave her some love!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday Baby!

It's almost impossible to believe that Addison is already two. I feel like it was merely days ago that I awoke, slipped out of my house into the freezing March morning, and headed to the hospital where she made her arrival! I remember laying there on the operating table, thinking that my world already felt complete. I had an amazingly supportive and wonderful husband and my completely perfect 3 year old boy... I was worried that this new addition would disrupt our perfect balance.

Then I saw her. And although she is the most disruptive thing in my world, she is also the completion of our family. With her, we are whole!

Addison at two days old.

Addison at two years old!

Our wonderful friends John and Kathy hosted a fun birthday party at their house for Addison on St. Patrick's Day. St. Paddy's is Kathy's favorite holiday, so she was very excited about integrating the day's theme into the party! We had a wonderful time, and many of the people that we love the most came to celebrate!

I love this image of my three favorite kids :)

And I really love this image of my very hot husband!

A little cake...

Addison had a blast opening her presents... She couldn't wait to entertain us by dressing up in her new clothes!

I love my family!

Check out Addison's birthday week slideshow here! Apologies for the completely obnoxious music... it's Addy's favorite song.

Thanks so much to Rich for his help with many of the slideshow images!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Invitations Like None Other

On Friday I met Amanda Miller to photograph some of her absolutely amazing custom-made invitations! Amanda will be offering creating custom-made invitations to the Chattanooga area in the near future, and so we spent some time photographing a variety of sample products for her website!

Here are a few samples!

And the wonderful Amanda herself!

If anyone needs contact information for Amanda until her website is live, feel free to contact us!