Saturday, September 29, 2007

Alison and Ardy... Part One!

My best friend, Al, is coming up on her first anniversary with her uber cute boyfriend Ardy. I was so excited when she wanted me to come over and take some fun images of them! We decided to do a two part session... Part one was just hanging out at the house... doing what they always do, cooking and watching movies. It was the perfect setting for some fun images!

Here's just a taste:

Ardy is a brilliant cook.

They took a lot of breaks ;)

The floor in Alison's apartment is a hysterical color of green. We had to document that, so they never forget it.

We ate some lunch, and then I moved them into the doorway to take advantage of some fun light.

How cute are they?

Then we moved into the other room to watch some movies. The movie de jour was a 80's flick about breakdancing... and as funny as it was, I don't believe it was originally a comedy!

A little Mac love...

I love these expressions!

Thanks for having me over Al :) And for the yummy shells and cheese!

Ardy, you rocked... I can't wait to do this again in a couple weeks. Good stuff!

Love you!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy 5th Birthday, Levi!

Tonight was Austen's friend Levi's 5th birthday! We went out to the park to have a little cookout, and then Austen and Nathan camped out for the night! We gals had to head home, but I thought I post a few pictures for those who weren't able to make it to the party!

The party was a surprise. I just love Levi's face here as he realizes what was happening!

We did a little playing on the playground...

So many cute kids!

The birthday boy...Levi!

My adorable kiddos.


Levi enjoying a gigantic bite of his birthday dinner.

The sun set quickly, and by the time Levi was to blow out his candles, we had very little available light. I was so excited to see how the light from the candles lit up the area. It was so pretty! Check out those kids faces!

And then Nathan grabbed this one while Levi was opening his presents. The only light was a flashlight one of the little girls had on her head. Again, I love the mood!

Happy Birthday Levi! We love you!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

2 in four months! We love the Kirk Family :)

Back in May, we shot a wedding for the wonderful Emily and Jaye. This past Saturday, a mere four months later, we photographed the wedding of Emily's beautiful sister Betsey and her hysterical husband Stephen...

Prepare yourself for a long post!

I love how Betsey and Emily mirror one another in their body language. Nathan and I noticed it during Emily's prep time, and I noticed it again this go 'round...

I love this shot of Betsey's bridesmaids getting her ready... check out the slideshow to see a few more images showing off just how many people it took to get Betsey dressed!

I have no idea what these guys are laughing at, but it must have been brilliant!

The meeting. Betsey and Stephen chose to see each other before their ceremony... They met in the sanctuary where they would be married a couple hours later.

Mr. Kirk and Betsey, with Mrs. Kirk and Emily watching in the background...

The first look.

We then snuck the couple outside for a few quick portraits. Betsey and Stephen were total troopers, and I adore their sense of humor. Check out the laughter in these images!

I grabbed this shot of Betsey in that quiet time between portraits and ceremony. I love the classic feel of it.

The ceremony... So much emotion!

The new couple!

Nathan and I both made use of the balcony at the Tivoli for some awesome shots. It was such a nice vantage point.

Nathan's shot from the first dance...

And my shot of Nathan working the cake cutting.. don't worry, there are a few sans photographer as well, but this one is my favorite!

I love these girls! We have completely enjoyed spending time with this family, and I was urging both Betsey and Emily to hurry and have kids, so we can hang out more! (Actually, I believe we have a couple of other tricks up our sleeves for future get-togethers... I'm not going to let you guys forget about it, either!)

Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Kirk for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of both of your daughters lives! We love you guys!

We ended the night by going to Betsey and Stephen's new house, and grabbing a quick shot as Stephen carried his bride across the threshold. So fun!

Betsey and Stephen, congratulations. You guys are wonderful together! I hope you enjoy your slideshow!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Oh yes, I am now the proud owner of the coolest phone on the planet....


Fun Sunday!

This is the next to last post for the night! I got crazy behind on the fun stuff, so it has taken me a little while to get it all together!

Sunday we spent some much needed time with friends. Our dear dear friends, Bryan and Leah are moving soon, so we were excited to get to hang out and eat lunch with them and our buddies the Gormans. Lunch was at Chef Lin's, where Nathan was able to eat a little all-you-can-eat Sushi :)

We then drove up to Nashville to see David and Sarah. We did some walking, and talking, and eating... but sadly, the one image that I took of us, didn't read to my point and shoot :( Good times, though!

(One more post to go!)

Sushi Kids...

Nathan loves Sushi. I think we have concluded that it is his very favorite food. Well, this past Friday we decided that the kids should try some sushi as well. Austen already likes shrimp sushi, so it was just seeing if he liked other kinds! Addison hadn't tried it yet, but we were pretty sure she'd love it!

We were right. They loved it. We've deemed Friday nights as Sushi Nights! (And I will happily eat macaroni and cheese instead ;) )