Thursday, October 11, 2007

Alison and Ardy, the Sequel.

I spent an absolutely gorgeous afternoon with my dear friends Alison and Ardy tonight!

We roamed around the Southside enjoying all of the amazing texture and colors! Don't be alarmed, I did manage to find a few black and white appropriate images ;)

Ardy broke the ice for us by giving us a little preview of his breakdancing skillz. Let me tell ya, I was well impressed.

This wall was so fun. I could've shot there all night!

I had seen this sign downtown the other night, and just knew I had to bring Al back down here. It was perfect.

I never knew this weird wall was downtown... What in the world?!

Found a bit of sweet light...

Even more color!

This is my favorite image from the day, I think. I just love the mood.

And I had to throw this one in, so you could check out the brilliant shoes Alison picked up for the session. Too cute :)

I love the motion in this one.

And one last shot! One of my favorites, for sure.... So much to play with at this location, I am definitly going back!

Love you guys!


Corey McNabb said...

Fun session. Looks like you had a great time! Love the self portrait.

Shyla said...

oh my goshness!!!
You posted color! are you feeling ok???
these are Beautiful my darling :)

Ivey HandCrafted said...

These are some of my favorites - I love all the locations! Awesome work!

~Tobi Weldon

Anonymous said...

I just cant stop looking at them :)
The girls at work LOVE them! Shelaine said its some of the best that have ever been posted! (and she totally keeps up!)

lauren c. said...

amber...this is my new FAV. session that you've done!!! great fun colors, great locations...AWESOME!!! big hugs!!

kathy said...

LOVE: the subjects, the fun, the color, the green sweater, the fun shoes, the wild background, the estate of confusion, the smiling, the dancing, the GREEN pic, the photographer and the final shot!!!! GREAT PICS of three wonderful people!!!

Jennifer Grigg said...

Looks like your hand is still hurt. Sorry:(