Saturday, November 03, 2007

Rockstar Workshop: Day 4

Day 4 dawned much too early... :) The previous nights party had us all a little tired, but after arriving at the studio and getting started for the day, I again was reminded of how blessed I am to be hanging out at the workshop! Corey had so much to share about Delivery and Workflow, and although I have picked his brain a million times over the last few months, I still learned so much from what he had to share!

A few quick images from the day... Corey drove the Landy in to the studio, and that was a fun new experience for me.

Later in the afternoon, Corey had us go out and shoot headshots of one another. My buddy Tom and I split off to do a little shooting. I grabbed a couple of him, and he got some fun stuff of me!

Tom by me:

Me by Tom:

A few more images of the antics going on during that time frame:

Corey with Aaron:

Tom and Aaron:

Corey with the Landy:

After the day's session, we went out to celebrate the workshop's success at dinner. Dinner was held at Fiddlin' Pigs and was hosted by our very own Photographer's Solutions. Sadly, I think all of the images that were taken were on Jeremy's camera, so I'll have to maybe add some of those later. We had an awesome time!

The final day was the day for Rockin' Baby Shoots... and Corey took loads of cool pictures for me. I'll have something fun to share soon!


LaCour said...

You hitched a ride in the Landy! I am jealous. I've always secretly wanted one. (along with an aston martin...ha!) I may have to make a special trip up there to take it for a spin if Corey would let me :)


Christine said...

Pssst... I wasn't kidding when I said that the Rockin' Baby Shoots part of the worskhop was my favorite part. I'm bragging to all my child photography friends that they MUST find you and attend that portion of the workshop if nothing else. You ROCKED!!!!!

And now I can't look for a compact flash card without making the gesture for it - you know, with the pinching fingers. I think of you every time.